Ongoing Research:

  1. Arrowhead
    Artemis Innovation Pilot Project (co-funded by MSM - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)
    Project participant: Czech Technical University in Prague - Principal investigator: Radislav Smid   
  2. Distributed Signal Processing for Machine Condition Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks:
    • distributed data fusion and classification
    • reconfigurable/adaptive testing and monitoring system based on WSN using multiagent architecture 

Past Projects:

  1. Inteligent industrial system for automated testing of train wheels
    Technology Agency of the Czech RepublicTA02010733 
    Contractor: STARMANS electronics, s.r.o.
    Project participant: Czech Technical University in Prague - Principal investigator: Radislav Smid
  2. Automated data analysis of air handling unit in commercial buildings towards quality evaluation and estimation of missing sensors values
    Technology Agency of the Czech RepublicTA03020284 
    Contractor: Czech Technical University in Prague - Principal investigator: Radislav Smid
  3. Real-time Acoustic Emission (AE) Processing

    • multichannel direct-to-disc waveform recorder and pre-processor (8 channels, 4MSa/s simultaneously, 500 GB HDD, FPGA Xilinx Virtex 4 SX), real-time filtering and event detection implemented in FPGA
    • clustering and AE analysis acceleration using parallel computing architecture - GPU (CUDA)


  4. EMAT Sensitivity Improvement by means of Signal Processing
    • cascade filtering, combination of linear and non-linear methods
  5. 2-D/3-D Ultrasonic  Data Reconstruction for NDT
  6. Eddy Current Corrosion/Thinning  Assessment 
    • DSP based instrumentation


  • Machine Condition Monitoring
  • Vibration & Noise
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT)
  • Eddy Current
  • Ultrasonics, EMAT
  • Acoustic Emission
  • Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits
  • Data Acquisition and Conditioning
  • Signal Processing, Recognition and Classification

Research Areas:

  • Application of Advanced Signal Processing Methods (e.g. Hilbert transform, Cepstral, Order Analysis, Continuous and
    Discrete Wavelet Transforms),
  • Signal Recognition and Classification (e.g. Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Methods),
  • Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning for Machine Condition Monitoring and NDT Methods (EC, UT, AE)
  • Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits (Design for Testability)

Industrial Projects:

  • Signal Acquisition from EC Instrument, Automated Flaw Recognition
  • Bearing and Motor Diagnostics, Fault Detection based on LDV
  • Multichannel Real-time Acoustic Emission Recorder
  • Automated Gearbox Evaluation, Life-time Testing
  • Source Discrimination in Acoustic Emission Monitoring


  • Ultrasonic Testing: analog/digital, stationary/portable instruments
  • Eddy Currents: single frequency instrument
  • Acoustic Emission: 3 or 8 channels for long-term monitoring
  • Machine Condition Monitoring: Brüel&Kjær Nexus, Pulse, accelerometers, microphones
  • Signal and Data Acquisition Modules, Oscilloscopes