Werner von Siemens Excellence Award 2009 for the best PhD work

Jiri Vass's PhD thesis VIBRATION-BASED FAULT DIAGNOSTICS FOR QUALITY CONTROL AND COMPONENT REUSE, co-supervised by Prof. Pavel Sovka and Radislav Smid, was awarded the Werner von Siemens Excellence Award for the best PhD work in 2009.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio Enhancement Based on Wavelet Filtering in Ultrasonic Testing

New paper  from our lab members Vaclav Matz, Radislav Smid, Stanislav Starman and Marcel Kreidl published in Ultrasonics/Elsevier. Preprint available here.

Wireless sensor network testbed

We are currently operating in our laboratory a small scale testbed for wireless sensor networks based on Imote2 technology. For more info please contact Ondrej Kreibich.

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