Measurement of Speech and Audio Quality in Networks 
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Vincent Barriac (France Télécom R&D) The Challenges Paving the Way Toward a Revised ITU-T P.561 Recommendation
Elodie Bernex, Vincent Barriac (France Télécom R&D) Architecture of Non-intrusive Perceived Voice Quality Assessment
Laetitia Gros (France Télécom R&D) The Impact of Listening and Conversational Situations on Speech Perceived Quality for Time-varying Impairments
Jan Holub, Radislav Smid, Jan Horyna (CTU FEE Prague) Intrusive Speech Quality Measurements in Czech Environment
Lingfen Sun, Emmanuel C. Ifeachor (University of Plymouth) Subjective and Objective Speech Quality Evaluation under Bursty Losses
Nobuhiko Kitawaki, Feng Wei, Takeshi Yamada, Futoshi Asano (University of Tsukuba, AIST) Availability of Artificial Voice for Measuring Objective QoS of CELP CODECs and Acoustic Echo Cancellers
Anna Madlová (Slovak University of Technology) Comparison of Spectral Measure and Listening Tests Results
Ville-Veikko Mattila (Nokia Research Center) Analysing Individual Differences in Speech Quality with Internal Preference Mapping
Scott Pennock (Lucent Technologies) Accuracy of the Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) algorithm
D. Sen (AT&T Laboratories Research) Determining the Dimensions of Speech Quality from PCA and MDS Analysis of the Diagnostic Acceptability Measure
Christophe Veaux, Vincent Barriac (France Télécom R&D) Perceptually Motivated Non-Intrusive Assessment of Speech Quality
Stefan Wänstedt, Jonas Pettersson, Tan Xiangchun, Gunnar Heikkilä (Ericsson Research) Development of an Objective Speech Quality Measurement Model for the AMR Codec

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