Measurement of Speech and Audio Quality in Networks 
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In the beginning was the questionnaire like that of ITU- T P. 82 and many people that filled them in again and again during subjective listening tests. Several algorithms were standardized to overcome obvious disadvantages of listening tests and to enable automated, repeatable, fast and reliable measurements in this area.

The aim of the On- line Workshop is to discuss the recent developments in theoretical and practical aspects of measurement of speech and audio transmission quality in both fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. The organizers expect this Workshop to provide participants with suitable opportunity to exchange information and ideas about their research activity. This On- line Workshop will be organized and held using World Wide Web technology only.

Internet is being used by professionals in all walks of life to exchange information, documents and interactively participates in discussions with fellow professionals and peers worldwide. This new communication paradigm is disintegrating the boundaries that have, traditionally, existed because of space, distance, time and cultural differences. These facts seem to be good reasons for arranging on- line WWW Workshop. Incomparable quickness of information exchange and no travelling and accommodation expenses are other advantages of on- line conferences and workshops on Internet.

Problems of Voice and Audio QoS Measurements: extensions and modifications of current standards, new methods for voice QoS measurements, new methods for audio QoS measurements, voice and audio QoS measurements across different transmission technologies, signal processing algorithms used in QoS measurements, psycho-acoustics and psycho-physiologic aspects of voice and audio quality.
Practical Results and Applications: current standards comparison and evaluation, measuring system design issues and architectures, intrusive measuring systems for voice and audio QoS measurements, non-intrusive applications

 Concept of Arrangement
Obtained contributions will be converted into Adobe PDF Format and published on WWW. It will be possible to view them using Acrobat Reader. On these WWW pages an on-line discussion concerning these contributions will be held. After one month the discussion will be closed and printed proceedings will be published.

 Conference Language
The working language of the conference is English. All abstracts, full- texts and on- line discussion contributions should be written in English.

 Fees and Payments
Since MESAQIN 2002 is an on- line Internet workshop, the registration and participation in the event is free of charge. Workshop Proceedings (both printed and CD-ROM) will be distributed for its own costs to those interested.