Measurement of Speech and Audio Quality in Networks 
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Ville-Veikko Mattila (Nokia Research Center) Objective measures for the characterization of the basic functioning of noise suppression algorithms
A. W. Rix (Psytechnics Limited) Comparison between subjective listening quality and P.862 PESQ score
J. Holub, R. Šmíd, M. Bachtík (CTU FEE Prague) Child Listeners as the Test Subject – Comparison with Adults and P.862
Wei Wei, Liam Kilmartin (National University of Ireland, Galway) A Pitch Synchronous Auditory Domain Analysis Technique for Non-Intrusive Automated Speech Distortion Identification
Stephen D. Voran (Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, Boulder, Colorado) Perception of Temporal Discontinuity Impairments in Coded Speech - A Proposal for Objective Estimators and Some Subjective Test Results
J. Holub, M. D. Street (CTU FEE Prague,  NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency, Hague) Low Bit-rate Networks – A Challenge for Intrusive Speech Transmission Quality Measurements
Simon Broom, Mike Hollier (Psytechnics Limited) Speech Quality Measurement Tools for Dynamic Network Management

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