Measurement of Speech and Audio Quality in Networks 
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S. Mohamed, M. Varela and G. Rubino A method for quantitative evaluation of audio quality over packet networks and its comparison with existing techniques
C. Colomes, M. Varela, J. CH. Gicquel Subjective Audio Tests: Quality of Some Codecs When Used in IP Networks...
J. G. Beerends, E. Larsen, N. Iyer Measurement of speech intelligibility based on the PESQ approach
N. Kitawaki, K. Nagai, T. Yamada Objective Quality Assessment of Wideband Speech Coding using W-PESQ Measure and Artificial Voice
R. Pastrana, J. Gicquel, C. Colomes, Ch. Hocine Sporadic Signal Loss Impact on Auditory Quality Perception
S. D. Voran A Bottom-Up Algorithm for Estimating Time-Varying Delays in Coded Speech
J. Holub, J. Ocenasek Processing Power Optimisation for PESQ
Ch. Hoene, E. Dulamsuren-Lalla Predicting Performance of PESQ in Case of Single Frame Losses