Authors Guide for MESAQIN 2006 - Measurement of Speech and Audio Quality in Networks

Article template available (MS Word)

All submissions should be in:

Please, keep in mind that printed proceedings will be printed in black-and-white 300dpi (avoid colored figures, thin lines and small fonts).

The print area should be approx. 166 mm (6.54 inch) x 227 mm (8.94 inch). Use a two-column format for the text. Each column should be approx. 80 mm (3.15 inch) wide. Thus, the two columns should be separated by 6 mm (.24 inch), and should be left/right-justified, if possible. On each page of the manuscript, position the print area approx. 30 mm (1.18 inch) from the top and approx. 22 mm (.87 inch) from the left edge of the paper.

Do not put page numbers on the front of any page.

The recommended typefaces are Times, Times Roman or Computer Modern in 10-point size.

The title should be in boldface letters centered across the top of the first page using 14-point type. Insert a blank line after the title. Then, the names, affiliations, fax number, and email addresses of the authors should be centered below the title in 12-point font. Then insert another blank line. The paper begins with the summary and keywords (provide up to three keywords), followed by the main text.

The smallest allowed type size for text, figure captions, references, and within all figures is 10-point.

Major headings should be center aligned and of 12 point size. Subheadings should appear on a separate line with initial capitals using boldface.

All figures must be numbered and cited in text.

List and number all references at the end of the paper. When referring to them in the text, type the corresponding reference number in square brackets, as in this example [1]. References should be listed in the order they were introduced using the format shown at the end of this text - [1] for journal article, [2] for book.

[1] Author(s), first initials followed by last name, title in quotation marks, periodical, volume, inclusive page numbers, month and year.

[2] Author(s), first initials followed by last name, title, location, publisher, year, chapter, page numbers.