Measurement of Speech and Audio Quality in Networks 
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M. Ries, J. Kubanek, M. Rupp Video Quality Estimation for Mobile Streaming Applications with Neuronal Networks
L. Gros, N. Chateau, V. Durin Speech quality: beyond the MOS score
S. Voran Listening-Time Relationships in a Subjective Speech Quality Test
X. Tan, J. Gustfsson, G. Heikkilä Perceived Video Streaming Quality under Initial and Re- buffering Degradations
P. Pocta, M. Vaculík Comparison of test sequence for intrusive measurement of VTQoS with speech sequences in the environment of IP networks
M. Varela and I. Marsh and B. Gronvall A systematic study of PESQ’s behavior
O. Nemethova, M. Ries, M. Zavodsky M. Rupp PSNR-Based Estimation of Subjective Time-Variant Video Quality for Mobiles
J. Holub, A. Drozdova Proprietary Low Bit-rate Radio-communication Network - Objective and Subjective Speech Transmission Quality Assessment
L. Hartley and L. Kilmartin Terminal Based Monitoring of Voice Call Quality in Mobile Networks