Measurement of Speech and Audio Quality in Networks 
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Adaptive Control of Perceptual Speech Quality in Modern Wireless Networks  B.Rohani, B. Rohani, M. Caldera, H. J. Zepernick
Objective Quality Evaluation Method for Noise-Reduced Speech     N. Egi, H. Aoki, A. Takahashi
Design of Reference Signals for the Quality Evaluation of Coded Speech  T. Etame, L. Gros, C. Quinquis, R. Le Bouquin Jeannes, G. Faucon
Payload size-varying VoIP Quality of Service     Y.C. Jung, H.J. Kim, J. William Atwood
Some Experiences with VoIP Over Converging Networks     P. Perälä, M. Varela
Paradigms for evaluation of speech quality impact on users' behaviour V. Durin, L. Gros, N. Chateau
Impact of the Background Traffic on Speech Quality in VoIP       P. Počta, P. Palúch, P. Kortiš, M. Vaculík
Estimation of the speech quality of noise reduced signals     V. Gautier-Turbin, N. Le Faucheur
Enhancing the Visual Quality in Hybrid Filters Wavelet-Based Low Bit-rate Video Codec M. A. Ahmad, A. Al-Hamadi
Non-monotonicity in Perceived Quality of Delayed Talker Echo J. Holub, O. Tomiska
Invited paper:
Multimedia Quality as perceived by the User
Joachim Pomy, Vice Chair ETSI STQ